HMMR Podcast Episode 131: The Masters Athlete (with Matt Foreman)

One of the sad realities in life is that training at age 40 is just not the same as training at age 20. The sooner we accept that, the better we can plan training for experienced athletes. On this week’s episode weightlifting coach Matt Foreman joins us to discuss training as a masters athlete, his own experiences, and the mental side of staying focused as the years go by.

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Notes and Quotes

Matt Foreman is a weightlifting coach and writer. His most recent project is the Coach Foreman’s Corner of coaching resources on the Iron Athlete Clinics website. As a masters athlete himself – and author of a book on the topic – he shares some ideas on training as you age, lessons he has learned, what he has seen other top athletes do, and more.

The physical side of training
The mental side of training

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