HMMR Podcast Episode 133: Build the Foundation (with Jennifer Joyce)

After a decade as a world-class athlete and NCAA track and field coach, Jennifer Joyce switched careers to start coaching athletic developmental for youth athletes as the lead coach at the Canadian Sports School in Victoria. After national team coaches complained athletes lacked the tools to train at a high level, they sought to fix that by building a program to teach the fundamentals to rising stars. On this episode of the podcast Joyce explains her approach to building a foundation and the key elements of athletic development.

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Notes and Quotes

As mentioned, Joyce was a world-class athlete. Her resume is deep, including Canadian records and many nationals teams. She continues to stay active in athletics as a member of the Athletics Canada Board of Directors and IAAF Athlete Commission. For the past five years, though, she has been the lead coach at the Canadian Sports School Victoria. She talks about her experiences in coaching, as well as lessons learned as an athlete and from training under coaches like Anatoliy Bondarchuk.

Coaching developmental athletes
Lessons from Bondarchuk

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