GAINcast Episode 98: The State of Sport

As we did to kick off 2017, the HMMR Podcast and the GAINcast join forces to co-host the first episode of 2018. As the new year gets underway we chat about the state of training for sports together with the team from the HMMR Podcast. Our discussion covers a variety of topics like recruiting, whether athletic development is still undervalued, functional training, doping, and more.

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Notes and Quotes

This episode has become an annual tradition where we share some rants, issues we have seen arise recently, and also take a step back to look at the progress in coaching. Below are highlights from the various topics we discussed on the episode:

Is athletic development undervalued?
The stigma of functional training
Final thoughts

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Further Reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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  • Other episodes referenced were our guests Clay Erro (GAINcast 90 on relationships in coaching) and Des Ryan (GAINcast 96 on athletic development and the art of coaching).