HMMR Podcast Episode 137: Training is the test (with Arno Galmarini)

Arno Galmarini works with some of the top winter sport athletes in the world, but rather than being based in the mountains his gym is in the city. That requires him to be creative in defining sport-specific training solutions and even more creative in testing athlete progress towards to unique demands created by ice and snow. On this episode of the podcast Galmarini explains testing philosophy and how he integrates sports-specific testing into training.

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Notes and quotes

Arno Galmarini is the founder and owner of Elite Training in Zurich, Switzerland. It is one of the first performance facilities in Switzerland and his results are helping bring strength and country forward in the country. His gym has worked with the ZSC Lions, one of the top Swiss hockey clubs, the Swiss national hockey team, and Olympic medalists in ski and snowboard like Dominique Gisin (alpine skiing – downhill), Sandro Viletta (alpine skiing – combined), and Nevin Galmarini (snowboard – parallel giant slalom).

Rethinking testing and technology
Best practices for testing
Becoming a better coach & other training topics

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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  • You can learn more about Galmarini and Elite Training on Instagram  @getelitetraining or their webpage. He was also profiled by EliteFTS in 2013.
  • For more about his use of the Moxy monitor in hockey, check out this free and detailed video webinar from Moxy.
  • We discussed various topics on the podcast and referenced research in a few cases. Here is the recent research on comparing the effectiveness of Olympic lifting to other training modes, and Bryan Mann summarized the research on using bands for lifting on HMMR Media in 2016.
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