Looking back on 2017: top training resources

Last year was a busy one for HMMR Media. Throughout the course of 2017 we produced over 100 podcasts, over 300 articles, and 14 premium videos from our team of expert coaches and distinguished guests. To help you sort through all the great content, we’ve assembled our top 25 articles, 10 podcasts, and 5 videos from the year. If you want more, you can browse our archives and also check out our top posts from 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Videos, interviews, and podcasts

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Video Lessons
Written Interviews
  1. Robust Running (with John Pyror)
  2. Sticks ans straps (with Steve Myrland)
  3. Understanding adaptation (with John Kiely)
  4. Multi-jumps (with Nick Garcia)
  5. Basic speed (with Joe McNab)
  1. Training talk with Frans Bosch
  2. Another training talk with John Kiely
  3. Training talk with Dean Benton

HMMR Podcast

The GAINcast
  1. Episode 119: Conscious Career Planning (with Brett Bartholomew)
  2. Episode 99: Robust Running (with John Pryor)
  3. Episode 111: Go Your Own Way (with Dan Noble)
  4. Episode 114: Bondarchuk for Team Sports (with Derek Evely)
  5. Episode 87: The Mentor (with Kelvin Giles)
  1. GAINcast 61: The Future of Periodization (with John Kiely)
  2. GAINcast 67: Periodization Trends (with Dave Tenney)
  3. GAINcast 89: How Speed Works (with Peter Weyand)
  4. GAINcast 46: Reconditioning (with Bill Knowles)
  5. GAINcast 70: Peak Performance (with Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness)


Our growing staff of writers has put together some tremendous resources this year on a variety of topics. In addition to my own articles, this year we saw contributions from Craig Pickering, Nick Garcia, Vern Gambetta, Nick Lumley and Benn Harradine, as well as new authors Mike Bahn, Carrie Lane, Steve Myrland, Sergej Litvinov, and guest Warren Young. Below were the most popular articles from 2017.

Training methods
Planning and periodization
  1. The role of specific strength exercises in team sports by Martin Bingisser
  2. Speed over tonnage: is it worth the sacrifice by Nick Garcia
  3. Strength methods for distance runners by Carrie Lane
  4. A framework for recovery methods by Nick Lumley
  5. Training fast and slow by Martin Bingisser
  1. Balance and the barbell strategy by Martin Bingisser
  2. Finding the athlete-appropriate plan by Steve Myrland
  3. Balancing recovery and adaptation by Mike Bahn
  4. Fundamental training principles: a review by Vern Gambetta
  5. Is there a balance to sports training by Craig Pickering
The art of coaching
Sports science
  1. 3 keys to winning forever by Martin Bingisser
  2. In defense of laziness by Craig Pickering
  3. Putting the art of coaching in practice by Martin Bingisser
  1. The science of sleep by Craig Pickering
  2. Finding the right caffeine intake for performance by Craig Pickering
  3. Sports science monthly by Craig Pickering
Sprinting and agility
  1. What is robust running? by Martin Bingisser
  2. Thoughts on training agility for soccer by Warren Young
  3. Why did Usain Bolt lose? by Craig Pickering
  1. Learning how the hammer moves by Sergej Litvinov
  2. From discus drills to discus performance by Benn Harradine
  3. Thoughts from Litvinov and McMahon on accelerating the hammer by Martin Bingisser