GAINcast Episode 102: Reinvent yourself (with Danny Kerry)

When Great Britain’s field hockey team won the gold medal at the 2016 Olympics, coach Danny Kerry had a lot to be happy about. Over the course of the prior eight years his team had finished five spots higher. But it was Kerry himself who had perhaps an ever bigger transformation. He had changed from a tactical-obsessed coach ready to quit into a culture-focussed coach ready for more. On this episode of the GAINcast Kerry joins us to discuss how his coaching philosophy has evolved, and how he has put that philosophy into practice in terms of creating a team culture and better designing training sessions.

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Notes and quotes

Kerry is a very reflective coach, and throughout the podcast he talked about different parts of his career, what the results were, and, most importantly, what he needed to do next to get better. For example after a successful run at the 2008 Olympics his feedback helped him realized he had focused too much on the technical and tactical without focusing as much on the art of coaching, building culture, and strengthening relationships. Throughout the podcast he gives examples of how he tried to implement new approaches in areas like team culture, mental preparation, and practice design. The changes took his team to new heights, but it also took him to new heights by winning accolades such as UK Coaching’s High Performance Coach of the Year.

Coaching and culture
Preparing champions
Perfecting practice

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