GAINcast Episode 105: Developing coaches (with Kelvin Giles)

It’s easy to complain about the state of sport, coaching, and physical education, but what are you doing about it? Kelvin Giles has dedicated his life to it after a career working at the upper echelons of professional sport. On this episode of the GAINcast, Giles joins us to share his experiences with structural problems in coaching and coaches education. More importantly, he discusses how we can address these issues both as individuals and s both individuals, and as a community.

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Notes and quotes

Giles has had a long career across multiple sports that included stops as a national track and field coach in the UK, head track coach at the Australian Institute of Sport, Head of the Athletic Development department at the Queensland Academy of Sport, Director of Performance for the Brisbane Broncos, and many more coaching and consulting roles. Over the last decade he has focussed primarily on working with federations to improve performance structures, coaches education, and physical literacy. All of those topics came within the scope of our conversation.

Diagnosing the problems
Finding solutions

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