HMMR Podcast Episode 141: The judoka (with Allan Macdonald)

In a complex sport like judo, it can be hard to define what type of strength training will transfer onto the mat. A former fighter himself, Allan Macdonald is now the lead strength and conditioning coach for British Judo where he is tasked with that exact task. On this week’s podcast he discusses the complexity of and search for transfer, the role of specific strength in judo training, and examples of exercise design and progression.

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Notes and quotes

Macdonald has been working for British Judo since the lead up to the 2012 Olympics. Prior to that he also gained experience in other sports before returning to his the sport of his heart. Influenced by Bondarchuk and other coaches, Macdonald has heavily invested in the use of specific exercises for his judo fighters, where he has found a lot of rewards. To explain his approach, he goes into detail explaining the demands of the sport and how he creates exercises and training sessions to help athletes meet those demands.

About judo
Transfer of training
Finding transfer through specific developmental exercises (SDEs)

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