GAINcast Episode 106: Lessons learned (with Goldie Sayers)

After more than a decade as the best British javelin thrower, Olympic bronze medalist Goldie Sayers hung up her spikes after the Rio Olympics. After she retired she sat down and penned 36 lessons she learned about sport, success, competition, and life during her distinguished career. On this week’s GAINcast she joins us to reflect on the lessons she learned and how they can help athletes and coaches in any sport.

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Notes and quotes

Sayers had a long and distinguished career as a javelin thrower that included three Olympic appearances, an Olympic medal (which she is still waiting to receive), five World Championships, two World Championship finals, multiple British records, and many more accolades. She just retired after the 2016 season as has been spearheading an initiative from British Athletics to get more athletes involved in coaching. We focussed our discussion on the many “lessons she has learned over her career.

Reflecting on a career
Lessons learned from her career
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