HMMR Podcast Episode 144: Inside the Games (with US Ski & Snowboard)

When you watch the Olympics it is easy to see all see the athlete performances on television. But what we don’t see is the logistical work required to help get the most out of the athletes on the biggest day of their careers. Support teams start planning years in advance to make sure that athletes have optimal lodging, food, and training facilities in their final hours before competition. On this week’s episode we are joined by strength coach Tracy Fober and high performance chef Megan Chacosky from US Ski & Snowboqard to talk about the steps required to bring their high performance support system to PyeongChang, and how to get non-traditional sports to buy into the high performance culture.

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Notes and quotes

America had plenty of highlights in February’s Winter Olympics, thanks in large part to the US Ski and Snowboard Association. While the alpine team was not as strong as in past Olympics, US still had its share of highlights including seven medals in snowboarding. Fober works primarily with snowboad, while also assisting the rehabilitation of athletes from other sports. Chacosky assists a wide range of sports within the federation. On this episode we start of by taking a look behind the scenes at the logistics behind such a major event.

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  • Both Fober and Chacosky are on social media. You can find them on Instagram (@TracyFober and @Megan.chacosky) and Twitter (@ironmaven and @MChacosky22).
  • Fober was also a guest on Episode 125, where she talked more about her training philosophy, injury prevention, and developing that toolbox for athletes.
  • We also had a series of interviews with USSA in 2016 on the GAINcast, including a roundtable with the strength staff (including Fober) on GAINcast 40, a chat with high performance director Troy Taylor on GAINcast 44, and sports technologist Bill Sands on GAINcast 42.