HMMR Podcast Episode 149: Zen and the art of training (with Steve Myrland)

In some ways, training is about the constant pursuit of staying focused. Coaches can help in this regard. It isn’t just about telling athletes to focus; it’s also about what exercises you choose, how training is structured, and what tools are used. On this episode of the podcast Steve Myrland joins us to discuss mindfulness in training, finding focus, and rethinking the barbell.

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Notes and quotes

Throughout Myrland’s career he has had success across different sports and different roles. He spent the largest span of time at the University of Wisconsin, where he worked with conference championships teams in hockey, soccer, cross country, tennis, and rowing over a dozen years. He has also worked in professional sports, including a stint as the head strength coach with the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. Currently he is Wellness Director and District Performance Coach for Athletics at Middleton School District in Wisconsin.

Mindfulness in training
Finding focus
Rethinking the barbell

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