HMMR Podcast Episode 150: Story time (with John Dagata)

Over 150 episodes of the podcast, we’ve had on some of the world’s leading coaches share their experiences. But sometimes listeners don’t get to hear the whole story. On this week’s episode of the podcast, coach John Dagata joins us to give us a new perspective on our past episodes. As the throws coach at the U.S. Olympic Training Site in Chula Vista, he’s run across many of our guests and shares some stories about ten different prior guests.

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Notes and quotes

John Dagata and Nick Garcia were teammates at Cal State Northridge and have been friends ever since. After focusing on the hammer throw, Dagata then started out as a throws and jumps coach working at UC Santa Barbara, Iowa State University, Wales, and the University of Oklahoma. He has been at the US Olympic Training Site sine 2016, guiding an elite group of post collegiate throwers.

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  • Click directly the names in the show highlights above to listen to the full episode with each prior guest mentioned.