Training for strength and robustness with mini bands

I joined this week’s HMMR podcast to share some ideas with Nick and Martin on my approach to training. We spent a good deal of time talking about how I’ve rethought the role of the barbell in training and how this has led me to use different types of functional equipment such as the aquabag, kettlebell, sticks, straps, and more. As I put it during the interview: functional equipment asks your body what it can do; less functional equipment tells your body what it can do.

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One piece of equipment I did not discuss was the mini band. The mini band plays a central role in my training now. It’s simple, it’s portable, it’s cheap, and it’s versatile.  I recently put together a video for our school district with some sample exercises, variations, and tips on proper execution. Take a look for some insight into how useful of a tool it can be.

Sample mini band exercises

Exercises demonstrated

  • Side steps
    • Standard
    • Zig zag side steps
    • Stationary diagonal side step
  • Lateral lift and tap
    • Standard
    • Low cross reach
  • Marching
    • Marching in mud
    • High knee lift and reach
    • Seated high knee lift
    • Supine high knee lift
    • Wall high knee lift
  • Cross footed exercises
    • Cross footed high knee lift
    • Seated cross footed high knee lift
    • Supine cross footed high knee lift
  • Seated cross-legged abduction swing
  • Balanced scorpions
  • Inchworm steps, forward and backward
  • Flutter kick
    • Supine wide-leg flutter kick
    • Kneeling 1-leg flutter kick
  • Wide stance squat to high knee
    • Same side arm reach
    • Off side arm reach
  • Supine external hip high knee lift
  • 3-step shuffle and hold
  • Staggered stance quick feet
  • Up and out
  • Skipping
    • Stationary skip
    • Triple side skip
  • 1-leg push back
    • Standard
    • Wall assisted
  • Step-step bound
  • Anti-valgus squats
  • Circle trace
  • 1-leg kneeling scorpions
  • Hopping
    • Narrow stance
    • Wide stance