HMMR Podcast Episode 155: Island power (with Julian Robinson)

Jamaica is know around the world for the speed it produces, but their sprinters are not the only powerful athletes coming from the island. In recent years, Jamaica throwers have emerged as dominant forces in the shot put and discus. Coach Julian Robinson has helped lead the way, with his discus throwers sweeping gold and silver at the recent Commonwealth Games. On this episode he joins us to talk about the growth of Jamaica throwing, the throws culture, influences, and his own philosophy of training.

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Notes and quotes

Robinson is based in Kingston, where is the coach at Calabar High School and University of West Indies at Mona. His training group is currently very strong in the discus and includes names like Fedrick Dacres (Jamaican record holder, Commonwealth Games champions), Traves Smikle (Commonwealth Games silver), and young Kai Chang (currently second ranked junior in the world). In this episode we discussed a wide variety of topics about Jamaica in general and Robinson’s personal approach.

Throwing in Jamaica
Coaching the throws

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