HMMR Podcast Episode 157: The art of coaching

Most of our episodes cover topics like training methods, periodization, and sports science. This is just one side of coaching. Good coaches know their sport, but they do more than that. Making the right decision and then communicating it effectively can become an art. On this episode of the podcast we focus on the art of coaching and share some anecdotes from some of our mentors about how they mastered the art of coaching.

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Notes and quotes

Throughout the episode we share some stories from coaches like Glenn McAtee, John Godina, Anatoli Bondarchuk, Dale Stevenson, Eddie Jones and more.

Athlete-coach communication
Lessons from master coaches

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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  • Some of the individuals we referenced on podcast have been guests on the podcast or written about previously: Harry Marra in a written interview and GAINcast 47, Dale Stevenson on Episode 66, Glenn McAtee on Episode 43, John Godina on Episode 46, and observations from the 2016 World Indoor Championsihps on Episode 42.