USATF Junior National Championships (IN) Results

Qualification for next month’s World Junior Championship was on the line this weekend at the USATF Junior Championships in Indiana. The top two athletes were eligible to qualify as long as they have met the minimum qualifying standard. With his winning throw of 68.03 meters, Michael Feldman just broke the men’s standard by 3 centimeters. His brother Steven took second place. In the girl’s competition, Alyssa Wilson led from start to finish with Jill Shippee in second. Both have easily surpassed the barrier and are among the world’s best in the event this year. Shelby Moran (Sherwood, OR) was the top high school finisher in sixth place, just one foot off of her personal best.

Men Hammer Throw
    World Jr: W 85.57m  2012        Ashraf Elseify, QAT                  
 American Jr: A 80.79m  7/25/2010   Conor McCullough                     
    Name                Team                    Finals
  1 Feldman, Michael    Unattached              68.03m  223-02
  2 Feldman, Steven     Unattached	            65.99m  216-06
  3 Fairbanks, Brent    Ashland                 65.93m  216-03
  4 Pihlkar, Jack       Columbia                61.39m  201-05	
  5 Wilson, Jacob       UCLA	                60.61m  198-10	
  6 Wright, Jason       William & Mary          60.15m  197-04	
  7 Zimmerman, Jack     Penn State              57.15m  187-06	
  8 Judge, Jason        Harvard                 57.01m  187-00
  9 Fishbein, Sam       Lafayette               54.55m  178-11	
 10 Ebel, Erik          Auburn                  52.61m  172-07
 11 Taylor Brown        Unattached              46.94m  154-00
 -- Roa, Leo            Unattached              NM

Women's Hammer Throw
    World Jr: W 73.24m  2005        Wenxiu Zhang, CHN
American Jr: A 68.12m  6/16/2012   Shelby Ashe           
    Name                Team                    Finals
  1 Wilson, Alyssa      UCLA                    66.33m  217-07
  2 Shippee, Jillian    North Carolina          64.16m  210-06	
  3 Forrest, Makenli    Louisville              63.70m  209-00	
  4 Malone, Madison     Auburn                  58.90m  193-03	
  5 Taiwo, Shey         Mississippi             58.32m  191-04
  6 Moran, Shelby       SuperThrowerTrackClub   58.03m  190-04
  7 Oneal, Shauneice    Southern Illinois       56.83m  186-05
  8 Rao, Gianna         Unattached              53.56m  175-09
  9 Young, Kathleen     South Carolina          51.43m  168-08
 10 Andrews, Samantha   Rhode Island            50.45m  165-06
 11 Notarfrancesco, Daniel UMass                50.42m  165-05
 12 Igberaese, Chelsea  Liberty                 47.19m  154-10
 13 Botts, Molly        Rhode Island            47.16m  154-09
 14 Lechner, Erika      Grand Valley Sta        40.91m  134-02
 -- Tanczos, Rachel     Notre Dame              NM