GAINcast Episode 125: Gold medal roundtable

Every June, GAIN brings together world-class practitioners from a variety of sports. In addition to the presentations and practical sessions, this year we had a roundtable discussion on coaching Olympic champions, with panelists from Fiji rugby, snowboard, USA women’s hockey, and USA women’s basketball. We recorded the discussion and are sharing it in its entirety on this week’s GAINcast.

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Notes and quotes

This week’s episode is just a sample of what’s on tap at GAIN. Here’s a bit more background on the panelists:

  • Naca Cawanibuka – Head Strength and Conditioning coach for Fiji Rugby 7s
  • Tracy Fober – Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach (snowboard, halfpipe, and slopestyle athletes) with the US Ski and Snowboard Association
  • Jimmy Radcliffe – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach with US Women’s Hockey
  • Sheri Walters – Head Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist with US Women’s Hockey
  • Ed Ryan – Head Athletic Trainer with US Women’s Basketball


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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • The monthly theme on HMMR Media is the individualization, with numerous articles, podcasts, and videos looking at the topic from different perspectives. Join HMMR Plus so you don’t miss all the content on this topic.
  • You can follow Cawanibuka on Twitter at @cawnac_naca. He currently works together with John Pryor, who can learn more about in HMMR Classroom Lesson 7. You can learn about Pryor’s experiences with culture and Fiji rugby in this post and this post from earlier this year.
  • Tracy Fober has twice been a guest on the HMMR Podcast on Episode 125 and Episode 144. You can also find her on Twitter at @ironmaven. The USSA strength staff also joined a roundtable on GAINcast 40.
  • Coach Radcliffe keeps a low profile, but he has authored one book: High-Powered Plyometrics.