HMMR Podcast Episode 161: Individualization

It is common to hear coaches say we need to fit the plan to the athlete, rather than the athlete to the plan. But how exactly do we do that? On this week’s podcast we focus on individualization, when coaches need to start doing it, what should be individualized, and different ways to put the concept into practice. Plus, Nick and Martin start off the episodes with an analysis of the state of American throwing.

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Notes and quotes

Individualization is a more complex concept than initially meets the eye. Since every athlete is different, it is not the easy to decide what to individualize and how to individualize it. We share our experiences with the topic, and focus on how to introduce individualization to younger athletes. However, before we get to that topic we look back at last week’s US championships and analyze in depth the state of American throwing and each event.

The state of American throwing

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