The state of American throwing

We’re two years out from the next Olympics, so it’s a great time to assess the current state of American throwing. On this week’s podcast we looked in detail at the topic, giving each event a buy, sell, or hold rating. If we think the event is on the upswing, it was given a buy. If it is on the downswing, a sell. And if we’re not sure, we hold it. Below are our complete ratings and comments.

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Women’s hammer throw
Martin: BuyWith Anita Wlodarczyk showing vulnerability, DeAnna Price has shown herself to be a gold medal contender and the depth behind her is stronger than ever.
Nick: BuyWe are doing something right here and John Smith is the biggest reason for that.
Men’s hammer throw
Martin: HoldDepth has improved over the past years, but to push for a medal we need to be able to throw 75m+ every day and no one has shown that yet.
Nick: SellNo one has really improved when it counts. Clearly what we are doing with the women is working and clearly not so much for the men.
Women’s shot put
Martin: BuyThe US has three of the top six in the world this year, and all fairly young.
Nick: BuyRaven Saunders and Maggie Ewen should be challenging 20 meters soon. Once again, John Smith is showing his system works.
Men’s shot put
Martin: HoldAt the end of 2017 we had the top 2 throwers in the world and the Diamond League Champ. Now the rest of the world is improving, but we are waiting for the next step forward. We cannot assume young throwers will just develop automatically.
Nick: BuyEven on a bad day we are among the best in the world and the college level continues to improve.
Women’s discus
Martin: HoldValarie Allman and Maggie Ewen show great upside, but we need to show long-term development.
Nick: SellWe have talent, but we need to prove ourselves first.
Men’s discus
Martin: BuyCompared to four years ago we finally have young throwers who can throw far repeatedly under pressure.
Nick: SellI will buy when we can throw 65 meters consistently in a stadium.
Women’s javelin
Martin: SellKara Winger continues to be consistent, but there is no clear successor.
Nick: SellEven with Kara we are a step behind the best in the world.
Men’s javelin
Martin: SellTough times.
Nick: SellIt’s a f***ing debacle. We cannot produce world-class javelin throwers.