GAINcast Episode 131: The journey (with Lachlan Penfold)

Lachlan Penfold is one of those coaches that has been at the top in multiple sports. In the past few decades he has worked with professional clubs and athletes in the NBA, NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, Rugby 7s, Olympic softball, javelin, baseball, and much more. Currently he is the director of performance for the defending champions Melbourne Storm of the National Rugby League. With most guests on the GAINcast we talk about their coaching journey and then focus on a key point of interest. Lachlan’s journey has been so diverse that on this episode we focus entirely on the journey itself, with a step-by-step look at the things he learned along the way.

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Notes and quotes

As mentioned, Penfold is currently with the Melbourne Storm. He also worked with the Golden State Warriors as they set the NBA record for most wins in a season, helped the Sydney Roosters to an NRL title, supported Australian softball winning Olympic silver, as well as many other top teams along the way.

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Further reading

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