GAINcast Episode 132: Learning to control (with John Kiely)

John Kiely has done some groundbreaking work on periodization, but that isn’t the only topic he is interested in. When it comes to his work with rugby, track and field, and soccer he focuses on making an impact through coordination. On this week’s podcast we take a look at the framework he uses to understand coordination, and how that translates into some surprising methods with athletes.

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Notes and quotes

John Kiely has one foot in the world of academia and one foot in the world of elite sport. His primary role is a senior lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire. But he keeps skin in the game as a coach, most recently assisting Egypt in the run up to this summer’s world cup. Previously he worked for Irish Rugby, UK Athletics, and several other organizations.

To start out the episode we reflected on his recent experiences at the World Cup, before looking in depth at the topic of coordination.

Reflections on preparing for the World Cup

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