HMMR Podcast Episode 168: Rethinking rugby training (with James de Lacey)

Like most sports, rugby union has its traditions when it comes to training methods. Unlike most sports, those traditions do not always run as deep. The sport has only been professional for two decades, meaning that many more coaches are openly exploring how they can do things differently and better. James de Lacey is the incoming head of strength and conditioning for Romanian Rugby. He joins us on this week’s episode to discuss some of the areas he has been looking at changing those traditions, from weekly planning, to contact conditioning, and sprint training.

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Notes and quotes

James de Lacey has worked the last two seasons as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach with Austin Elite Rugby of the new Major League Rugby pro league. He has previously worked in professional rugby in Romania and with the New Zealand Women’s National Rugby League Team. He will start a new role this year as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach for Romanian Rugby. He also is a published author an Masters in Sport & Exercise Science from the Auckland University of Technology.

On this episode we talked about a variety of topics in rugby training that he’s been looking into recently.

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