GAINcast Episode 135: The anatomy of agility – part 1 (with Frans Bosch and John Pryor)

The work of Frans Bosch and John Pryor has created a new discussion around strength training, coordination, and motor learning over the past few years. Bosch has been a thought leader, while Pryor has taken the application of the concepts to new levels in his work with Japan and Fiji rugby. Both are coming to the US in December for a series of seminars, and we got them to join the GAINcast for a two-part interview on a wide range of topics. Part 1 of our interview looks at how their work has evolved and how they began working together, transfer of training, the role of traditional strength training, and misinterpretations of Bosch’s work.

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Notes and quotes

Bosch has his roots in athletics where he coached many world class jumpers and served as high jump national coach for Holland. More recently he has worked as a lecturer in motor learning and training theory and has worked as a consultant and specialist coach for the Welsh and Japanese national rugby teams and the West Ham United Football Club.

Pryor is currently the head of strength and conditioning for Fiji Rugby and has previously served in the same role for Japan Rugby, as well as several top professional clubs including the Brumbies and Suntory Sungoliath.

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