HMMR Podcast Episode 172: Better balance (with Grace Golden)

Balance is a critical skill in nearly every sport, but how often do we train for it? And how well do we understand its various permutations? As Program Director of University of Oregon’s Graduate Athletic Training Program, Grace Golden has looked in detail about the role and nuances of balance, and developed some interesting ways to think about and train for it. On this episode of the podcast we discuss balance, and also how to teach ATCs the art of coaching.

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Notes and quotes

Grace Golden is an Oregon native. She finished her bachelor’s and master’s degree at the University of Oregon, and then later a doctorate in Sports Medicine at Oregon State University. She has worked as an athletic trainer in a variety of roles from high school level to the associate head athletic trainer at UCLA. Since 2009 she has been back at the University of Oregon, where she works as Program Director and Clinic Research Coordinator for the Graduate Athletic Training Program. She is also a GAIN faculty member.

ATCs and the art of coaching
Balance training

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