HMMR Podcast Epsidode 170: Throwing mechanics (with Don Babbitt)

Don Babbitt is one of the world’s best throwing coaches, having produced champions across every event and both genders. In addition to his role at the University of Georgia, he has been working with the IAAF on their recent biomechanical analysis of the 2017 World Championships. By adding a coach’s perspective, he can help identify key points to take away from the project in all throwing events. On this week’s episode we break down the report what its findings mean for coaches.

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Notes and quotes

Babbitt has worked with some of the world’s best throwers over the past 20 years, including Reese Hoffa, Adam Nelson, Breaux Greer, Jason Tunks, and Andras Haklits. His main job is as associate head coach for the University of Georgia track team, which recently won the NCAA championship. In addition, he works with the IAAF as editor of throwing content.

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  • Babbitt was also a guest on Episode 116. You can learn more about Babbitt’s background from the University of Georgia webpage. Babbitt sat down for a lengthy interview on individualization and other training topics back in 2012.
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