GAINcast Episode 138: In-season training

The season used to be thought of as a time to back off of training, but as seasons have gotten longer and longer coaches have needed to rethink their approach to in-season training. On this episode of the GAINcast we look at in-season training strategies for team and individuals sports.

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Notes and quotes

The episode started out my talking about how we need to change the mindset about in-season training, before diving into specific examples.

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Further reading

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  • For more on microdosing, listen to Bill Knowles on HMMR Podcast Episode 124. He was also a guest on GAINcast 49. James de Lacey also discussed the topic on HMMR Podcast Episode 168.
  • Training on the field of play is key to in-season training, a topic we looked at on GAINcast 111.