HMMR Podcast Episode 181: Jumping high (with Fuzz Caan)

High jumpers are an interesting group of athletes. At first glance these tall and gangly athletes do not always look like the most explosive athletes. But watch them jump and there is no doubt about how much force they can produce. On this episode of the podcast we talk with Fuzz Caan from British Athletics about deconstructing the event and how he trains athletes for it. In addition, he shares how his background as an actor has taught him a lot about the role of communication in coaching.

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Notes and quotes

Fuzz Caan is a senior coach for British Athletics and the lead high jump coach in the country for over a decade, producing many of the UK’s top high jumpers, including 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Robbie Grabarz. A former 2.21m high jumper at Iowa State University, Fuzz is also a professional actor. We discussed his unique career path, what he has learned from acting, and approach to training and movement in the episode.

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