A good warm up never get old

It’s cliche to say that the warm up is the most overlooked part of training, but despite hearing more and more share creative ideas for warming up over the past few years, I still see more bad warmups than good warmups. Running a few laps and stretching is still more the rule than the exception.

The warm up is not the most important part of training, but it is the first part of training. It sets the tone for training, both mentally and physically. This month on HMMR Media, our team is going to share different approaches to warming up in the hopes that it sparks a little conversation on the topic and gets people thinking of how they can warm up better. The first item we are sharing is Vern’s DVD on warming up. It might be 22 years old, but if you can get past the 1990s athletic gear you see it was head of it’s time.

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Vern starts off the DVD by explaining the real point of warming up. If you simply understand that, you’ll already improve your warm up:

One purpose of warm up is to raise the core temperature of the body and also elevate the heart rate. But the oft overlooked purpose is to activate the nervous system.

The warm up is also about progress. Many warm ups might start off the same, but how it ends should transition to the workout. A good warm up simply blends into the work out. As Vern puts it: “The last things you do in warmup should be the most intense things that get your ready for your specific sport. Warmup is not a time that is frivolous. You need to focus and work hard on developing fundamental movement skills.”

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