GAINcast Episode 146: Microdosing training

Microdosing has become a buzz word over the last year in training circles, but it isn’t a new concept. Small but frequent units of training can add up to provide significant value to athletic development. On this episode of the GAINcast we discuss the concept of microdosing, how it looks like in practice, and how to progress microdosing over the season.

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Notes and quotes

After discussing the concept of microdosing in general at the start of the episode, we both shared some of our practical experience on implementing microdosing in different sports and scenarios.

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Further reading

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  • GAINcast 138 looks at in-season training also discussed how microdosing can be used for in-season planning.
  • For more on microdosing, listen to Bill Knowles on HMMR Podcast Episode 124. He was also a guest on GAINcast 49. James de Lacey also discussed the topic on HMMR Podcast Episode 168.