GAINcast Episode 149: Integrated training (with Joe Przytula)

In 35 years of working with one of the largest high schools in the nation, Joe Przytula has had the chance to look at training from different viewpoints: as an athletic trainer, strength coach, and now administrator. He’s also studied sports from different angles. One thing that shows up over and over is that integrated approaches tend to prevail. Przytula joins us on this week’s episode to share talk about his journey and some of the concepts he’s confronting in his daily work.

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Notes and quotes

Przytula is the supervisor of physical education, health, and safety at  Elizabeth (NJ) Public Schools. He has worked at Elizabeth since 1985, beginning as an athletic trainer. He has a well-rounded background with certifications as an athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, weightlifting coach, massage therapist, and ART practitioner. We discussed his background, the evolution of athletic training, and some of the concepts he is looking at currently in his daily work.

Background, athletic training, and physical education
Training concepts

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Further reading

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