HMMR Podcast Episode 183: Value of staying put (with Zack Nielsen)

Take a look at a typical NCAA weight room and you’ll see first hand the coaching carousal. The phenomenon isn’t unique to universities; you often see young coaches across the world changing job every few years in an attempt to fast track career development. Zack Nielsen might be young, but he’s learned the value of a different path: the value of staying put. As head strength coach for Olympic sports at Eastern Washington University, he joins to the podcast to talk about the value of staying put in career (and life) development.

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Notes and quotes

Zack Nielsen has been the director of athletic performance for Olympic sports at Eastern Washington University since 2017. He is responsible for the design and implementation of comprehensive strength and conditioning plans for Eastern’s women’s basketball, soccer and jumpers in track and field. He also assists with the football program. A former standout thrower on the EWU track team, he also holds a master’s degree in health and human performance from Northwestern State.

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