HMMR Podcast Episode 184: Impacting basketball (with Joe Abunassar)

Basketball players have a reputation for being some of the most athletic individuals across all sports. Tall, big, fast, and agile, they seem to have it all. Joe Abunassar started off as a basketball coach before broadening his skillset to include strength and conditioning, skills training, and more. Now his team at Impact Basketball helps prepare athletes for all aspects of the game. On this week’s episode he joins us to discuss the physical needs of basketball, preparing athletes for them, and how skills training and physically training are linked.

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Notes and quotes

Joe Abunassar began his career coaching alongside legendary Hall of Fame coach Bob Knight at Indiana and also coached at other NCAA schools. In 2006, he founded Impact Basketball in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California now training over 200 NBA professionals, men’s and women’s national teams, McDonalds and NCAA All-Americans, foreign professionals, as well as numerous talented youth players.

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  • You can learn more about Impact Basketball on their website, Instagram (@impactbball) or Twitter (@impactbball). You can also follow Abunassar himself on Twitter (@joe_abunassar)
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