HMMR Podcast Episode 185: Around the world (with Mattias Jons)

As an elite hammer thrower, Mattias Jons had the chance to work with coaches from a variety of countries, continents, and backgrounds. As he’s developed as a coach, his diverse background has come in handy. On this episode of the podcast he joins us to discuss some of the different approaches he’s encountered and what he has taken from Swedish, Finnish, German, Polish, American, Soviet, and other traditions.

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Notes and quotes

Mattias Jons is a Swedish throwing coach. He is also one of the top throwers in Swedish history, having twice made the final at the European Championships and having a best 76.39 meters. As a student at Boise State University, he was also the NCAA runner-up. He currently guides a group of throwers in Falun, including the current Swedish champion.

Background and influences
Comparing different approaches
His approach

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