GAINcast Episode 150: The state of sport (with Nick Garcia)

Our annual tradition is to start off the year with a combined episode of the HMMR Podcast and GAINcast to discuss the state of training for sports. The whole crew gets together on this episode to talk about some of the issue facing our profession, the recent topics we’ve been studying, and our goals for 2019.

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Notes and quotes

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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  • For past state of the sport episodes, listen to GAINcast 98 (2018) and GAINcast 46 (2017).
  • We discussed the recent Frans Bosch and John Pryor seminars on this episode. You can hear them as guests on GAINcast 135. For a complete roundup of resources on their work, click here.
  • We also talked about Sergej Litvinov’s approach to hammer throwing. You can read his articles on HMMR Media here. We also discussed drills on GAINcast 109 and HMMR Podcast Episode 49.
  • Putting exercises in context was a topic in GAINcast 5.