HMMR Podcast Episode 189: Reflective coaching (with Xavier Roy)

Coaches need to reflect and debrief, but translating the theory into practice can be difficult. Xavier Roy recently completed his PhD on the topic and as part of his research he worked hands on with a Canadian football team to see how coaches reflected on training, and what steps they took to implement changes. On this episode of the podcast he joins us to discuss his research and also share thoughts on training for football and current trends both north and south of the border.

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Notes and quotes

Xavier Roy holds a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, a Master’s degree in exercise physiology and recently completed his PhD in education. He currently works as an athletic development coach with athletes from various sports and also teaches in the Sports Studies program at Bishop’s University. As an athletic development coach and kinesiologist, Xavier has worked with athletes from many sports such as football, soccer, track & field, speed skating, and ice hockey. In the past, he has worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach at McGill University (football and basketball) and more recently at the Université de Sherbrooke (football) as well as the Cegep level in football.

Reflective practice and Canadian football
The need for speed
Training in Canada and working with other sports

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