HMMR Podcast Episode 190: Women in coaching (with Rhonda Riley)

Over the last half century, Title IX and other initiatives have proven very effective in increase participation of women in sport. But despite the growth in participation, the number of women in the coaching ranks lag behind and is even regressing in many sports. On this episode of the podcast we look at women in coaching with Duke head cross country coach Rhonda Riley. We dive into some of reasons why women are not well represented in coaching, as well as ways to fix the problem. In addition, we look at the profession of coaching as a whole and some of the issues it is facing in other areas.

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Notes and quotes

Coach Riley has been head women’s cross country coach at Duke University since 2016. Prior to that she worked as a coach at Vanderbilt University, Arizona State University, and Oregon State University.

We kicked off the episode by looking at the current state of women in coaching, before diving into some of the issues behind the problem and exploring Riley’s own path into coaching as an example of the power of mentorship. Near the end of the episode we also looked Riley’s own coaching philosophy and advice for our male listeners.

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