GAINcast Episode 156: Chucking spears (with Steve Backley)

Watch the javelin in full speed and it is a thing of beauty. Watch it in slow motion and it’ll often make you cringe. In order to throw a spear the length of a football field requires athletes to put their body in extreme positions with massive amounts of force transferring through the kinetic chain. Mastering it is hard, staying at the top even harder. Steve Backley was not just one of the best javelin throwers of all time, but sat atop the sport for 15 years. On this episode of the GAINcast, Backley joins us to discuss how he developed in the sport, what creates the perfect throw, and becoming a better competitor.

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Notes and quotes

Backley is one of the most decorated javelin throwers in history. His world record throw of 91.46 meters from 1992 still ranks 12th all-time as of the end of last season. During the course of his career he as four-time European champion, a three-time Olympic medalist, and three-time Commonwealth Games champion. He currently is a speaker, executive coach, and athletics commentator for BBC.

In our chat we looked back at how Backley picked up the javelin, how he thinks about throwing the javelin, and becoming a better competitor.

Learning to train
Throwing javelin
Training and competing better

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