HMMR Podcast Episode 192: A star is born (with Kevin McMahon)

The making of a champion starts at a young age with the athlete’s family, youth coaches, and community. The champion’s mindset then grows from there. Kevin McMahon won two US titles in the hammer throw and competed in two Olympics and four World Championships. He joins this week’s podcast to share how he started out as a thrower, the San Jose throws community he came of age in, and the inspiration he took from that. In addition, we look a bit at what it takes to be a champion in the hammer throw, and more.

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Notes and quotes

Kevin McMahon is one of the most successful throwers in American history. More than a decade after his retirement, he still ranks fifth all-time in American history. He has a personal best of 79.26 meters represented the US on multiple occassions, including the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, and won silver at the 1999 Pan American Games. Currently he is a visual arts teacher at Bellarmine College Preparatory School located in San Jose. While he is not currently coaching, he has previously worked as a coach for Stanford University.

Finding inspiration
Strength, size and hammer throwing

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  • McMahon has been featured many times on this site. On Episode 9 of the podcast we discussed work-life balance with him. We also did a detailed written interview with him in 2013 where he discussed the influences he took from working with some of the best coaches in the world. In 2017, he also sat down with Sergej Litvinov and others for a hangout on accelerating the hammer. Highlights of the hangout are available here.
  • Another part of McMahon’s life is design. He teaches design and has helped design the logos for both HMMR Media and Garcia Performance. You can find some of his designs on Instagram @design.dojo.
  • Want to see how McMahon whipped the hammer around? You can find some of his throws on YouTube. A recent TedX talk is also available.