HMMR Podcast Episode 195: The champion’s mind (with Adam Nelson and Szymon Ziolkowski)

We watch champion’s win all the time, but rarely do we get a chance to see what is going on inside their head. On this week’s episode we get to talk to two Olympic champions and see what their thought process is in competition, how they prepare, and how they’ve overcome some of the most difficult situations imaginable in sport. Tune in to hear shot putter Adam Nelson and hammer throw Szymon Ziolkowski share their experiences.

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Notes and quotes

Adam Nelson and Szymon Ziolkowski are two of the greatest throwers of all time. Nelson won the 2004 Olympics and 2005 World Championships, in addition to medals at the 2000 Olympics and three more world championships. Ziolkowski was the 2000 Olympic champion and 2001 World Champion. He continued to collect medals until the 2012 European Championships. On this episode they both reflect on their mental preparation and walk us through a competition from their perspective.

Adam Neslon
Szymon Ziolkowski

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