HMMR Podcast Episode 198: Building bandwidth (with Jeremy Frisch)

We can complain about it as much as we want, but the decline of physical education and the rise of early sports specialization are trends that are here to stay. We might not be able to change the system, but we can still actively work to help athletes at an individual level. Jeremy Frisch has taken that challenge upon himself to reinvent training for the kids he is working with by bringing in varied influences from physical education, speed training, motor learning, strength and conditioning, and more. What is even better is that he is sharing his experiments with the world on social media. He joins this week’s episode to discuss where his approach came from and how it has evolved.

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Notes and quotes

Jeremy Frisch is the owner of Achieve Performance in Clinton, Massachusetts. He also previously worked as a strength and conditioning coach at Holy Cross, where he assisted a variety of sports from basketball to track and field. He has develop a loyal following on social media for his frequent training videos showing how he approaches training kids. We start off the episode by talking about how this area of training became his specialty, key points in training children, integrating play and games into training, filling the gaps in physical education, and more.

Training for kids
Dealing with the decline of PE and rise of early specialization

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