GAINcast Episode 162: Notorious NGBs (with Phil Andrews)

In the world of sport, I doubt there is anything more loathed than national governing bodies. On the one hand, they have a difficult job since no matter how hard they try, it is impossible for them to make everyone happy with limited resources. But on the other hand, they often shoot themselves in the foot before they start to do anything. This is why it has been surprising for us to her near universal acclaim for what is going on at USA Weightlifting. On this week’s episode CEO Phil Andrews come on to discuss the organization’s strategy to grow the sport and some key lessons he has learned in three years on the job.

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Notes and quotes

Phil Andrews joined USA Weightlifting in 2013 as Director of Events & Programs and was promoted to CEO in 2016. Andrews comes from a diverse background that most recently included helping host and operate the USOC training base in London prior to the 2012 Olympics, as well as various other roles in event planning, ice hockey, and real estate.

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