HMMR Podcast Episode 204: Reconditioning (with Leigh Egger)

Healing an injury is only one step in the complex process to return an injured athlete to the field. Being on the sidelines can have a large impact on the physical and psychological condition of an athlete, which also needs to be addressed in the return to play process. In other words, we need to recondition the athlete. Physiotherapist, athletic development coach, and footballer Leigh Egger joins this week’s podcast to talk about the process of reconditioning and helping injured athletes.

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Notes and quotes

Leigh Egger is a physiotherapist, athletic development coach, and semi-professional soccer player. He does clinical work as a physiotherapist for BioAthletic in Sydney and also works with Fiji Rugby. On this episode we start out by talking about conditioning athletes with injuries or other limitations, and then venture into other topics around returning athletes to play.

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