HMMR Podcast Episode 214: Finding your throw (with Suzy Powell-Roos)

As we entered a new century it had been 30 years since an American woman ranked top 10 in the world. Suzy Powell-Roos led a group of throwers that changed that and put the event on the map globally for the US. On this week’s podcast, the 3-time Olympian and former American record holder joins us to look back at her throwing career and look ahead at her coaching career.

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Notes and quotes

Suzy Powell-Roos is currently the throws coach at Modesto Junior College in California. As a thrower she jumped on the scene at an early age by setting multiple age groups records and being named the national Girl’s High School Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News. As she graduated to the senior ranks she made 3 Olympic teams, 4 world championship teams, and set the American record at 67.67 meters.

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