HMMR Podcast Episode 215: Throwvallis (with Dave Dumble)

After leading athletes to 24 NCAA titles in 15 years, throws coach Dave Dumble packed up and headed north to take on a new challenge of building a program from scratch at Oregon State University. On this week’s podcast Dumble joins us to talk about the move, what he is building at Corvallis, his coaching philosophy, and more.

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Notes and quotes

Dave Dumble is hands down the most successful collegiate throws coach of this new century. His athletes have won 24 NCAA titles and 82 All-American honors. He also has been honores as national throws coach of the year twice, as well as national men’s Outdoor Assistant coach of the year in 2010. As a thrower, he hones his skills at Bakersfield College and UCLA. He spent the bulk of his coaching career at Arizona State before moving to Oregon State in 2016.

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