GAINcast Episode 183: From data to speed (with Matt Rhea)

American football is a bastion of tradition. In some areas, such as strength and conditioning, that can hold the sport back. Many coaches, however, are working to change the traditions and they start out by asking simple questions all over again like how do we make our players better? On this week’s GAINcast, Matt Rhea explains how the forward-thinking setup he installed at Indiana University helped turn their program around using a practical data-driven approach.

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Notes and quotes

Matt Rhea just finished his second season as the Football High School Performance Coordinator at Indiana University. Prior to that he was the head of sport science at IMG Academy and worked as a coach and consultant in varying capacities. He also has a PhD in exercise science from Arizona State University.

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • The GAINcast is brought to you by GAIN and HMMR Media. Applications for GAIN are now open and you can learn more here, including links to all our past interviews with faculty members, registration information, and more. GAINcast 179 also gives you a sneak peek at GAIN 2020.
  • You can follow Rhea on Facebook (@MattRheaSportScience) and Twitter (@MattRheaPhD).
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  • The 1080 sprint was discussed on this episode. They are also sponsors of GAIN and you can learn more about them on the 1080 website.
  • In January I put together an article looking deeper at some of the use and misuse of GPS and similar technologies.