GAINcast Episode 184: Training teams (with Lachlan Penfold)

When Melbourne Storm director of performance Lachlan Penfold came on the show in 2018, we focused solely on his coaching journey that has led him through the NBA, NRL, AFL, Super Rugby, Rugby 7s, Olympic softball, javelin, baseball, and much more. On this week’s GAINcast we have him back on to dig deeper into his approach to training team sport athletes, including his thoughts on workload, speed, monitoring, testing, injuries, and more.

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Notes and quotes

As mentioned, Penfold is currently with the Melbourne Storm where he helped them win one premiership, two minor premierships, and one runner-up finish in three seasons. He previously worked with the Golden State Warriors as they set the NBA record for most wins in a season, helped the Sydney Roosters to an NRL title, supported Australian softball winning Olympic silver, as well as many other top teams along the way.

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • The GAINcast is brought to you by GAIN and HMMR Media. Applications for GAIN are now open and you can learn more here, including links to all our past interviews with faculty members, registration information, and more. GAINcast 179 also gives you a sneak peek at GAIN 2020. Join HMMR Media to get access to a vast library of online training resources, video, articles, podcasts, and more.
  • Penfold has won a title with the Melbourne Storm, but years ago he also led the Sydney Roosters to championships. He broke down his approach with Sydney in GAIN Video 4: Lessons from the Sydney Roosters available for HMMR Plus members to stream.
  • Penfold was also a guest on GAINcast 131 and HMMR Podcast 62. We’ve also done a written interview with his predecessor at the Storm, Dean Benton.
  • Some of his speed training methods are based on the methods of John Pryor and Frans Bosch. You can find links to resources on their work here.