HMMR Podcast Episode 218: From the ground up (with Matt Siniscalchi)

Whether you are building or rebuilding an athlete, you have to start from the ground up. Begin with what they can do and build upon it until you get them doing the things fundamental for their sport. Matt Siniscalchi has worked at all levels of the sport, from youth football academy players, to his current role helping world champions back from injury. The challenges are always changing, but the philosophy remains the same. On this week’s podcast Siniscalchi joins us to discuss this philosophy, and dive in detail into progressions and strength training for athletes recovering from injury.

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Notes and quotes

Matt Siniscalchi an athletic development and reconditioning coach at Knowles Athletic. Prior to that he worked as head of strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer.

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  • This month’s site theme is legs, legs, legs. We talked about ACL injuries and developing leg strength on this episode. Keep tuned to the site this month as we explore the topic more in depth. Join HMMR Plus so that you don’t miss out on our archives and new resources.
  • You can follow Siniscalchi on Twitter (@mattsiniscalchi) and Instagram (@mattsiniscalchi). You can also learn more about Knowles Athletic on their website and on their Instagram (@knowlesathletic).
  • Siniscalchi’s boss and mentor Bill Knowles was a guest on Episode 124, as well as GAINcast 49.