Staying fit in a pandemic: Vol. 1

I am hoping to share a daily post on stuff anyone can do anywhere while the pandemic changes our daily life. Before I get into Post #1, let me emphasize that in no way am I trying to trivialize what is happening to any of us. Clearly, athletics should take a back seat to this historic and tragic world health event. That being said, maybe these posts will be a little way to make life better for someone out there who can stay fit.

My first post is inspired by my friend Tracy Fober – otherwise known as the Iron Maven. Tracy is one of the most interesting people I know. You give her an athletic training problem and she will fix it . . . or at least give you a creative solution. It must be her University of Chicago undergrad education. She combines that with her Physical Therapy background, her personal interest in Olympic Lifting and her high performance coaching background and you cannot find a more outside the box thinker coach anywhere. She’s based in Park City Utah where she worked for US Skiing but now coaches out of her own facility. Her Youtube Channel that you can subscribe to here that has all sorts of resources.

Like all great coaches, Tracy knows that principle number 1 to high performance or any kind of performance is consistency of training. Her Daily Default workout is inspired with that in mind. The Daily Default workout is meant to be done every day, but especially when you are caught with no equipment and no gym (hmm… maybe perfect for a pandemic). You can literally do it anywhere. My two sons and I once did it in the parking lot of a rest stop off I-80 in Wyoming.

Here are the exercises:

  1. Powerball Series (Although this is supposed to be done with 1-2 pound weights in each hand it can also be done with a running shoe in each hand or no weight at all and just movements):
    1. Shoulder Flexion x5
    2. Shoulder Abduction x5
    3. W into V Raises x5
    4. Backstroke x5
    5. Alternating Still Punching x5
  2. Calf Raises x20 (You can do calf raises from the floor or you can use a stair)
  3. Rise and Shine Push-ups x6-8
  4. Prisoner Squats x6 (As an aside – doesn’t a Pandemic give a whole new meaning to Prisoner squats?)
  5. Single Leg Crossover and touch 3 to the Right and 3 to the Left. (The goal is touch the floor but for us older folks I just use a cone or box to touch)

This Daily Default workout takes less than five minutes to do. You can do it anywhere. But you can also make it harder. I would start by seeing how many sets you can do throughout the day. Start with one in the morning, one at midday and add one more in the evening for three sets. Tracy said she once worked up to 7 sets in a day.

The key to any improvement is first consistency. This Daily Default workout hits all the basics: total body Strength & mobility. On top of everything else, when you complete the Fober Daily Default workout it will make you feel better! See below a video of me going through the Daily Default.