Staying fit in a pandemic: Vol. 8

Long time readers of this blog know that I used to have a series called Five Reads for Friday which consisted of my recommended reads from the past week — mostly sports related. Today I am pausing from my own suggestions of workouts to share some people I have been following this past week who are sharing great stuff that could help you. It started as five but has steadily grown as I thought about it and the week went on.

Greg Thompson

First, a PE Teacher of the Year from Farmington, Michigan, Greg Thompson shares a ton of great workouts on his YouTube channel. Greg has consulted with our PE department, and he is an incredibly creative teacher and coach. You can learn more about his background on the GAINcast too.

Tracy Fober

I mentioned Tracy Fober earlier  this week. She has a YouTube Channel and a blog. The blog took a long hiatus but is back this week in order to help others with their pandemic training. It is loaded with great recommendations: A Philosophy of Strength and Health By the way, if you are doing a training camp in the Park City Utah area — after we get through this — she is the coach you want to meet.

James Marshall

Coach James Marshall is a great Twitter follow @CoachExcelsior. But he also has a YouTube channel. He has a great playlist of his Workout Wednesday’s  and a new series on Educational Gymnastics . James’s website is also filled with interesting things he is up to and thinking about as well as his many recommendations on books to read and coaching education: Excelsior Sports Performance UK

Andy Stone

Andy Stone is a PE teacher and Coach at Richmond Collegiate School in Virginia. He has been sharing a daily link to a google doc with his students workouts this week on Twitter: @AndyStoneA. He is definitely worth a follow and I hope he will post video of some of his jump rope workouts. Andy does the most creative coaching work with a jump rope I have ever seen.

Jay Johnson

Coach Jay Johnson, the founder of the Boulder Running Camps, is also on Twitter @CoachJayJohnson and has a great website where you can find his podcast  He also has a ton of great material on his YouTube channel. Two favorites from our athletes are: CORE H Circuit and a more updated version CORE X. But there is a lot more on the channel.

GAIN Swimming

I am not a big Instagram user, but a number of people are using Instagram really well. The best I have seen is GAIN Swimming They have a daily circuit that can be done anywhere. The circuits are dryland circuits for swimmers, but they can be used by anyone. Can you imagine being a swimmer right now? That has to be one of the toughest sports to stay in shape for if you cannot get in a pool. GAIN Swimming has a bunch of resources. Check them out.

Martin Bingisser

Martin Bingisser @bingisser (on Twitter) is a Swiss athlete, National Champion, coach and lawyer who has probably done more for the hammer throw than anyone in the world that I know. But his website HMMR Media is an incredible resource for athletes from all sports. Some of his material is free including two different podcasts. He has been reposting my posts and some from other coaches. He also has some amazing resources behind a paywall if you are interested. Yesterday Martin organized a video chat with coaches from Europe and America all facing this challenge and describing how they are supporting athletes in their area.

Vern Gambetta

Vern Gambetta @CoachGambetta on Twitter has been my go to for great information for years — as well as the go to person for 1000s of coaches around the world.

Nicholas Christakis

Lastly, this is not related to staying in shape, but it is related to staying informed about COVID-19. I encourage you to follow Dr. Nicholas Christakis @NAChristakis on Twitter. There is a lot of nonsense on Twitter but Dr. Christakis makes you feel smarter and definitely better informed. By the way, he has a great new book that I recommend to coaches. It has nothing to do with technique or strategy but everything to do with culture and community. Check out Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society.

There is certainly a lot to worry about in the upcoming days, weeks and months. However, what I have found in this last week is the community of coaches coming together to support their athletes and share information like never before.

Back to my fitness recommendations tomorrow! Thanks for following along and telling me what you like and what you need. We will get through this.