Staying fit in a pandemic: Vol. 9

Today’s circuit involves one piece of equipment – a medicine ball. If there was one piece of equipment that I would recommend to get through this time, it would be a 3-kilogram medicine ball. Medicine balls are endlessly versatile.

Here is a medicine ball wall throw series that I learned from coach Vern Gambetta. It involves 5-6 throws, each done for 20 reps. Start with one set of each but eventually work to 3 sets:

  • 20 x Overhead Throws
  • 20 x Soccer Throw
  • 20 x Chest Pass
  • 20 x Down The Side (standing facing the wall) 10 each side
  • 20 x Down The Side (standing perpendicular to the wall) 10 each side
  • 20 x Around the Back (standing back to the wall)

Speed is important so some people may want to start with a 2-kilogram medicine ball. Also when performing this series think about engaging your entire body in each throw.

This series of throws is for ALL sports as it is core strengthening. The core is the entire torso – not just your six pack – and it incorporates all three planes of motion often in combination. The core should be trained every day and this wall throw series does that.

These throws–in healthier times–can be partner throws too. Other coaching friends of mine have variations to these wall series which I may post on another day.

We were a little tight on time when we filmed this so that is why you see just examples of each throw and not all the reps for each throw. I need a haircut too!